Partner Search

Hello and welcome to our new Partner Search Web Page!

Over the years I have always heard students make the comment that they wish they could find a dance partner.  Some dancers are just trying to find a partner to take a class with, others want to go out and practice what they are learning at a party, still others are looking for someone a little more serious that they can take split private lessons together and practice with. They tend to do this because this is one of the better ways to improve your dancing skills quicker.  Finally, there are those students who want to work on a fun show or compete and need someone to dance with. So, you see, there are people looking for many different reasons.

I want to help my students from Take The Lead Ballroom by providing a space here that they may post their Dance Partner Ad.

 •     Submit your ad to Susie Buck at

•     Suggestions for a good ad would include: state if you are a man or woman/ approximate age/height/dance level/goals for dancing (i.e., fun, social, Medal Testing, Competitions)/how frequently do you want to practice per week/ are you willing to travel.

Responders email me so your identity is safe.  If you decide to contact them, I will share email addresses.  No one will have your personal information unless you want it. After I see the responses, I will contact the original ad placer and you decide if you want to contact this person.

So, it is new! Try it out!!! This could be the start of something good!