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What people are saying about Susie…

Hi Susie,

As a newcomer to ballroom dancing, I am writing to tell you some exciting news. I have now made it to several open dances and I want to say thank you for making that possible.

I always enjoy your group lessons. They are lots of fun and are excellent as an introduction. I plan to continue coming to those, but I can’t tell how much help the private lessons have been.  I really seem to connect with you each time and always leave feeling like I have corrected something or improved on something or learned a new technique. Yes, there is tons of room for improvement, but because of you, I feel like I can be a ballroom dancer.

Thank you again.                                                                                               Gary, Raleigh, NC

When we decided to try ballroom dancing, we were so lucky to find such a wonderful teacher on our first try. Though a consummate professional herself, Susie knows how to give beginners the right start and to bring them along with encouragement and and patience. We continued to take lessons from her for as long as we could: Rochester’s loss is definitely  Raleigh’s gain. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Raleigh area, you’ve found a great teacher. 

Carolyn Kourofsky, Rochester, NY                                                                 Doing Good By Writing Well: Corporate and Non-Profit Copywriter/Editor

I contacted Susie to help us with a fund raising event for our United Way Campaign fundraiser at work. She gladly helped and provided a fun evening for our employees who make a donation to attend the event. Susie made those of us with two left feet feel comfortable and enjoy the evening. Her professionalism and fun spirit made the event a delight and her personal contribution of time, her space and talent,  to our fundraising campaign was much appreciated.  I would highly recommend her again!

A. Yantz, Rochester, NY – Student of Susie’s March 18, 2014                                                                                                                    Revenue Agent at Dept. of the Treasury/Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.                                                                                                         Audrey Studied with Susie March 18, 2014

I watched Susie work with her students, and she was great. As a fellow teacher, I immediately saw her skill at encouraging skills in others. A real professional.

Jayne Yantz, New Lisbon, New Jersey
Instructor & Curriculum Coordinator at Burlington County College.      April 4, 2013, Jayne studied with Susie at ISTD

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. My husband and I have been taking lessons with Susie for the last three years. We were newcomers to dance and she made us feel very comfortable. She is not intimidating and very patient. We really enjoy the classes.


  2. My husband and I began taking lessons with Susie three years ago. We were both new to ballroom dancing and she immediately made us feel comfortable. She is not intimidating and is very patient. When we started we only intended to take an 8 week session. Susie made dancing so enjoyable we have continued to take classes with her.


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