Notable Dates:

NEW BEGINNER I CLASS! – This is the class that gets you started in learning to dance! Starting Tuesday, January 2nd @ 7:00pm. Classes are 8 weeks – $80pp. Location: Boulder Creek Ballroom. $10 deposit to hold your spot is required. Learn the Foxtrot, Merengue, Hustle, and Cha Cha Cha! Dress comfortably. No street shoes! Only dance shoes or socks please!

ADVANCED VARIATIONS – Wednesday, January 3rd @7:00pm –  Fun class! Lots of people take this class over and over because it is always different. Teacher’s approval to join class.  Must have good foundation in Beginner I and II and Intermediate. Class votes on dances each time. Great for building sequences. 8 weeks, $80pp. Boulder Creek Ballroom.

BRONZE INT’L QUICKSTEP CLASS! 4 week class starting Sunday, January 7th  @ 2:00pm. Only $44pp.  Learn the Bronze Syllabus and improve on your technique. It’s a fun dance routine! You should have the foundations (BI and BII).  Location: Boulder Creek Ballroom. $10 deposit to hold your spot is required.  NO street shoes please! Dance shoes or socks only. 

NEW BRONZE LEVEL INTERNATIONAL RUMBA CLASS! A 5 week class, one hour each week starting Sunday, January 7th @ 3:00. Only $55 per person. Location is Boulder Creek Ballroom. Please send in $10 deposit to hold your spot in the class.

NEW INTERMEDIATE CLASS! –  Starting Tuesday, January 9th at 8:00pm.  (Beginner I and Beginner II prerequisite. We cover Samba, Rumba, Waltz and Foxtrot.) Location: Boulder Creek Ballroom. 8 weeks, $80 per person. $10 deposit required to hold your dance spot. Call Susie at 585-503-7087 or

BOOTCAMP BALLROOM DANCING CLASS – Designed for the busy person not being able to make an 8 week class.  Please call if you are interested in taking this and I will add your name to the list. – TBA!  Saturdays @2-5:30pm. Learn Foxtrot, Swing and Cha Cha Cha. Only $60 per person.  Must register ahead of time.  Location: Boulder Creek Ballroom.

Watch for our Spring Showcase Party! Date to be announced soon! You can be the next star! Talk to Susie about what it takes to perform. It is a lot of fun!


Talk to Susie today about dancing in the next studio showcase!
Talk to Susie today about dancing in the next studio showcase!


Call (585) 503-7087 today!

Dance Steps BrochureRed-Holiday-GiftGift Certificates Available!!!

Holiday Gift Certificates Available for any amount! Give the gift of dance…






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