Selling a beautiful ballgown!

I have several gorgeous ballgowns and latin costumes I am selling. I also have some practice wear and brand new or slightly worn show shoes I am selling. I will be posting pictures once in a while so you can see what they look like. Please contact me via email: or call me at 585-503-7087 if you would like more information.

Thanks, Susie


This is a fun Chrisanne dress that is a lot of fun to dance in with all the feathers on it!  Looks better without the chair behind it and with a good looking dance partner in dance hold! Nice and stretchy! Call or email me for price please! Worn for about 5 minutes!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Warm wishes from…Susie, Loki and Zeus! 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Free Friday Night Dance Party!

Don’t miss our next Free Friday Night Dance Party!  This Friday, September 9th from 7-10pm. Lots and lots of fun dancing!!! Free Disco/Hustle Beginner Lesson from 7:00-7:45!

Location is Boulder Creek Ballroom. Please RSVP Susie so she knows you will be there! Call 585-503-7087 or

Dress casually and bring a snack to pass if you like.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates!

Looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s Day? Give a dancing gift certificate! You can do any amount.  See them smile! It is a fun gift idea that keeps on giving!

Call Susie at 585-503-7087 or 919-916-5800 or email:

Flyer with scan

New Classes Starting Soon!

Check out all the new classes!  Lots of new different classes starting all the time.

*A New Formation Class is starting soon! Plus, join Take The Lead Ballroom when the dance and travel the Caribbean in November!

For more information about  the cruise,

More information to come soon!  Remember, if you want these notes delivered directly to your email, just sign up on the home page under BLOG and they will be delivered right to you!

Thanks, Susie

Class Schedule change!

Hi everyone,

Due to a scheduling conflict, we have moved the starting date for the Quickstep and Bolero to NEXT Sunday.  Everything else will remain the same.

Quickstep – 6 weeks – Sunday, September 28th @6:00pm, $66 pp

Bolero – 4 weeks-Sunday, September 28th @7:00pm, $44pp.

Just let me know if you are planning on taking the class.




Updated Fall Schedule!
Updated Fall Schedule!

New Classes Starting Soon!!!!!

Sunday, June 15th at Boulder Creek Ballroom: Two new classes will be starting!

6:00 is International Tango Class!  6 weeks of fun new Tango steps. Build up your existing base of steps. One hour each week for 6 weeks. $66 per person. Couples and singles welcome.

Sign up ahead of time please!!!!!

7:00 is Mambo! Another 6 week fun class with fast Mambo music to practice to. $66 per person. Again, couples and singles are welcome.  Please let me know you will be there! Sign up early! 

Call 919-916-5800 or 585-503-7087 with questions!


New 5 week Viennese Waltz Class!

This dance is a great dance to go around the room to 3/4 time music, but at a faster tempo than some of the other dances. Class starts Sunday, May 4th at 7:00pm. It is 5 weeks, $55 per person and the location is at Boulder Creek Ballroom.  We will start from basic Viennese Waltz step and build this up so you feel you can get around the room at that next dance. Singles or couples welcome.  Please sign up ahead of time!